Welcome to The Law Offices of Sam Chandra, APC, we are a team comprised of people recognized thought this industry as some of the best in the field. They include attorneys, paralegals, legal secretaries, collectors and process servers.  We are a team of closely working individuals each in a specialized job function. We represent individuals, management companies, corporations, banks and governmental housing entities. At the Law Offices of Sam Chandra, we employ the most effective and aggressive strategies to quickly restore you the Owner/Landlord to possession of your property.


Effective and efficient representation is critical to a landlord or purchaser. A problem tenant can mean a lost rental income, damage to property and trouble for other residents. With new laws creating more rights for tenants and an increasing number of tenant based websites and organizations available, today’s landlord must be prepared to fend off delay tactics at every step of the eviction process. The delay tactics once found only in downtown Los Angeles are now beginning to be employed throughout the State. For this reason, an experienced and aggressive representation strategy is required.


At The Law Offices of Sam Chandra, we understand your need for a quick resolution to your dispossessory problems. Our team has the knowledge and experience to get the job done right. The result is faster, friendlier and more efficient service for you.

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